I believe it’s quite important to stop and appreciate the good things in your life. It is very easy to get used to the amazing and see the exceptional as ordinary because of that. Today I’d like to focus on my wife and count my blessings!

  1. She is still my biggest fan and supporter since the day I know her.
  2. She is gentle, peaceful,  kind, emphatic and understanding.
  3. We can talk about anything and she truly understands me on a deep level.
  4. She respects me and accepts me with all my shortcomings.
  5. She is always striving to be a better version of herself which is a core value of us.
  6. She values freedom the same way as me and lets me wander on my own ways as well.
  7. She is passionate about her work and hobbies. And also manages to join these in very creative ways. Like reading fictions and coaching in her new self-knowledge programs.
  8. She has a high emotional intelligence and it’s easy talk about emotions, disagreements, family issues. She never gives me the silence treatment or emotional manipulation. I feel truly secure with her.
  9. She manages our food supply. I like to eat delicious meals but it is always a burden even just to decide what meals to take.
  10. She is bold enough to contradict me and tell me if she believes I’m wrong.
  11. She is my second eye when it comes to double checking anything (client emails, final edits, business decisions, etc.)
  12. She is balanced. She is able to only watch one episode of here favorite TV-show or stop a movie in the middle when it’s time to do the next thing. She has such a self-control that I haven’t seen in anybody else closely. She is an inspiration.
  13. She values our marriage and relationship above all.
  14. She is also a entrepreneur and she is killing it in her own field.
  15. She also loves swimming.
  16. She is also an essentialist and only cares about the most important things. She doesn’t pile up rarely used stuff, instead she sells or gives them away often.
  17. She is modest in finances and doesn’t require any luxury. The only thing she desires for are books 🙂
  18. She smiles all the time and laughs on my silly jokes.
  19. She puts up with my crazy family.
  20. She has a strong personality, values and integrity and is not afraid to speak up and represent it.

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