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Your quick responses and personal touches (chocolate and hand warmers come to mind) were great. But it was your great attitude that made you stand out from other photographers. You were friendly and personal while still being professional throughout our interactions. Plus you’re portfolio online showed that you have a good grasp on the technical side of wedding photography.

I appreciated the attention you gave to my wife’s wishes and worries. Also, I'd like to thank you that you didn’t just take a bunch of pictures, rather you would wait for the right moment to get a unique reaction or a good scene.

We enjoyed having you as our photographer! We really appreciate your great attitude and helpfulness. It was great to not have to worry about having great photos taken during the whole day. And my family said they enjoyed talking with you as well!

Timót was a pleasure to work with! We booked him for an engagement shoot and to cover our wedding. He made a special package catered specifically to us and made us feel confident and at ease throughout, especially since the engagement shoot was our first professional photoshoot. He went above and beyond with his service (even coming an hour earlier on the wedding day, just to make sure we got some extra special before hand shots) and took great pictures of us and our wedding day.

Nick + Csenge

We really enjoyed everything, the pictures are really great and the proccess was clear. The communication was well thought out, it was clear what was expected from us and when and what we would get.  The pictures are amazing!

Leendert + Réka

Timot is a great photographer and captured exactly what we wanted.

We both wanted to thank so much for joining us on our wedding day. You were great, efficient, professional, good fun and everybody really enjoyed your company. You took the time understand us and capture what we wanted. You were also brilliant at integrating yourself with the friends and family and seeing the wedding through their eyes.

Panni + Henry

“I extremely enjoyed every single second of the wedding shoot.”

Nóra: It was awesome. <3 🙂 Let me start out by saying that I have never had a good experience with photography before, so I was very sceptical about how it would be at the wedding. Now I admit that I thought of it as an inevitable bad thing that you have to do because your friends and family want it. In the end, the pictures turned out great and we didn’t have to struggle for them. Not only the pictures are good memories, but also the shooting session at the botanic garden before the wedding. At the mass, I didn’t even notice you, which shows professionalism as well.

I could point out your reliability and punctuality in organization, as we really felt that things will turn out good, you will be there, you are paying attention, etc. Your presence at the creative shoot was facilitating, accepting and not at all intrusive.

Krisztián: I extremely enjoyed every single second of the wedding shooting. Timót has an infinitely positive attitude and is a great expert with technical knowledge. He paid close attention to us: when he had to open us up, he did, when he had to move to the background, he did. Sometimes we didn’t even notice him being there, and we were amazed when we saw the quality and the perspective of the pictures. We highly recommend him for engagement shoots, creative shoots, portrait shoots and for capturing your wedding. Unfortunately, the system doesn’t let me give him more than 5 stars, that’s why he only got five. 😀

He took fantastic pictures, for which we will probably be grateful for the rest of our lives. 🙂 Thank you a lot for your very personal care that we got throughout the process, the fast and professional delivery and the perspective how he captured our wedding/us! Awesome photographer! <3

The after-service gave us another wave of satisfaction, we got fast and quality work from him even after the wedding.

The technical knowledge, creativity, the atmosphere, being at the good place at the right time, personalization and flexibility were outstanding.

Nóra + Krisztián

Before all, thank you for the pictures, the album and everything. 😀 I would like to forward you what our guests have said: the pictures are awesome and everyone loved them! 😀 Also everyone was delighted by your personality.

We think in family when it comes to a wedding celebration, and we loved that you do too.

We liked your flexibility and how our daughter could be a part of the shooting sessions 🙂

Á + A

Hey Timót!

I think – as I have already said it a few times shortly – I can say not only on my behalf, but also on David’s and the guests’ that we were completely pleased with your work. We have talked about it a few days ago that you are that wedding vendor with whom we spent the most time regarding the wedding, and we were really happy about that. 🙂 Your attitude is perfect – in speedy delivery, kindness and precision. Your work is incredibly high quality, and not only the pictures but also the platforms you used when communicating with us. And of course the way you did it 🙂 We could consider you a friend during the whole process and of course, you made our wedding day memorable – not only by making life-long memories for us, but also by being present. Thank you so much for everything! The pictures are simply brilliant, we can’t get enough of them 🙂 Our guests also love them. Thank you for your work!

If you are looking for a truly great photographer, we recommend Timót wholeheartedly. He is much more than a wedding vendor. His ideas, enthusiasm inspired us to make the best possible pictures of our wedding. 🙂 Flexible, cool, fun and professional photographer!

Anna + David

The highlight film is incredible.. I feel as though I have not stopped smiling all weekend (I have watched the film a good 40 times!). Pippa, my sister, watched it last night with her friends and apparently spent nearly all of it crying. The rest of my family love it so much. It is even more magical than I would ever have imagined. Thank you so much. 

Thank you also for the extras, they are so wonderful to have. We will be sure to save each video to our storage as requested. 

Máté and I are not naturals in front of the camera but you were so good with us. It truly was a pleasure to have you and Eszter there, you were a joy to be around.

Rebecca + Máté 2019

“The pictures turned out great and we didn’t have to struggle for them”

MOre love Notes


I received these messages right after our first meeting.

Dear Timót!

Thank you for today. It was wonderful. The conversation, the games, the photos and your time with us were wonderful gifts. And we have only met once, but we both grew to like you a lot and it is a blessing to know you. One of your goals is that we fall more in love with each other, and I feel that it has already happened. Thank you for everything, and I hope that we can also be a blessing for you, as you are for us, and I can’t wait the adventures ahead of us.

K + B


Thank you for the meeting today. I only rarely meet people like you. You are very sympathetic. And you seem very professional. The way you talk, your passion for photography, and how you capture the essence on your pictures are all incredible. I love your idea with the questions on paper – it felt good to hear and say my feelings to Noncsy, especially those that I don’t say often. I also like that as I understood you have a very professional background, which is essential I think. My first impression is that you are an incredible person as well as a great expert. Thank you so much for making my evening!

N + B

We couldn’t have chosen better, I believe that it wasn’t an accident that I clicked on your Instagram account”

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