galleries of my travels, thoughts on marriage, love and many more.

Israel 2018 Winter trip

I have never known that you could fall in love with a certain part of land but it happened. I was crying when we had to leave Israel and that I'm not Jewish enough to be able to live there. We've landed somewhere in the desert (just look at the pics). Then traveled to...

New York trip 2017

This was the 4th time I visited the US. We landed in New York with my wife Mircsi and her best friend Nóri. And met Peti there. We were visiting the Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge, Times Square, Guggeinheim Museum, etc. We spent 3 days in NYC before our summer job...

Slovenia trip 2017

This was our very first road trip with our first car. We visited Ljubljana, Vintgar gorge, Bled, Bohinj lake and stopped at Balatonboglár briefly on our way back home.

Kolozsvár trip 2017 Winter

It always goes something like this:Mircsi - Hey Timó, I've just found some cheap flights to ... Are you free? Timó - Yep! (if it's not summer than usually I have a very felexible schedule) Than we look for a accomodation. First on couschsurfing (it's an awesome way to...

Montreal + New York trip 2016 Summer

It was our third North American travel adventure. We have landed in Montreal where we stayed with our lovely turkish couchsurfing host. Than took a bus to NYC and again had the luck to find an awesome host on CS. We had 5 days to enjoy these cities before our summer...

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