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Hey Lovebirds!

I’m Timót

Wedding photographer, husband, entrepreneur and amateur musician. I preserve once-in-a-lifetime memories. I’m glad you’re here and I’d love to get to know you better!


Meet Timót



Can’t wait to marry your best friend and be surrounded by the people you love most



You deserve the absolute best. That’s why I want to make sure I am the right choice for you.


I do not take every wedding I’m approached to shoot because it’s truly important that I work with the right couples, and they with me.

I’d love to hear more about you and your story. Fill out the contact form and I’ll be in touch basically as soon as humanly possible.



“You didn’t just take a bunch of pictures, rather you would wait for the right moment to get a unique reaction or a good scene.”

My Mission

in my business is to leave you more in love with each other and to glorify God with how I serve you

I’m here to listen.

The process of creating extraordinary photographs for you… means first listening to you. I love listening. Understanding what you care about creates the most real, authentic and amazing photographs.

You are unique.

Your ideas are unique. Your experiences are unique. The inside jokes that you have with your family and friends are unique. Which certainly means that your wedding is unique.

People are always more important.

I’m talking about you. You are important. Your memories. Your experiences. Your values for how you want to preserve a once-in-a-lifetime day.

“You took the time to understand us and captured exactly what we wanted”

Devoted to you

That is what I offer to my couples


Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you will have Authentic, Natural, Relational images crafted by a photographer rich with personality and beaming with passion!


“Do one thing and do it extremely well.”

You deserve your day to be surrounded by people who have a passion and dedication for what they do. The best of the best. That’s why I am solely a wedding photographer. I do not dilute myself by trying to take on other types of photography work.

“It was great to not have to worry about having great photos taken during the whole day.”

Happy lovebirds

read how couples just like you felt after their wedding

Your quick responses and personal touches (chocolate and hand warmers) were great. We really appreciate your great attitude and helpfulness. It was great to not have to worry about having great photos taken during the whole day.

Nick + Csenge

We really enjoyed everything, the pictures are really great and the process was clear. The communication was well thought out, it was clear what was expected from us and when and what we would get.  The pictures are amazing!

Leendert + Réka

We both wanted to thank so much for joining us on our wedding day. You were great, efficient, professional, good fun and everybody really enjoyed your company. You took the time understand us and capture what we wanted.

Panni + Henry

We couldn’t have chosen better! Your cheerfulness, confidence, creativity and style were outstanding. Always stay this kind, happy and creative. You managed to capture those wonderful and fabulous moments that reflects what we had at the wedding. You did a professional job! Huge thank you!!

Liza + Áron

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Library Surprise Proposal

We hid behind the bookshelves and waited for the bride-to-be with the ring, speakers and camera. She thought she would only have a photoshoot… but it turned out a little more meaningful and life-changing. David contacted me with his plans of proposing to his...

Slovenia trip 2017

Slovenia trip 2017

This was our very first road trip with our first car. We visited Ljubljana, Vintgar gorge, Bled, Bohinj lake and stopped at Balatonboglár briefly on our way back home.

Kolozsvár trip 2017 Winter

Kolozsvár trip 2017 Winter

It always goes something like this:Mircsi - Hey Timó, I've just found some cheap flights to ... Are you free? Timó - Yep! (if it's not summer than usually I have a very felexible schedule) Than we look for a accomodation. First on couschsurfing (it's an awesome way to...

New York trip 2017

New York trip 2017

This was the 4th time I visited the US. We landed in New York with my wife Mircsi and her best friend Nóri. And met Peti there. We were visiting the Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge, Times Square, Guggeinheim Museum, etc. We spent 3 days in NYC before our summer job...

Mimó Snow Session 2018

Mimó Snow Session 2018

So I have an obsession about winter and snow and I've managed to convince Mircsi to come out in the freezing cold for a short snow session (she hates the cold weather). I grabbed a tripod and the radio-trigger and had a lot of fun making these winter memories. This is...

Mimó travels Israel 2018 Winter

Mimó travels Israel 2018 Winter

I have never known that you could fall in love with a certain part of land but it happened. I was crying when we had to leave Israel and that I'm not Jewish enough to be able to live there. We've landed somewhere in the desert (just look at the pics). Then traveled to...

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