Library Surprise Proposal

Library Surprise Proposal

We hid behind the bookshelves and waited for the bride-to-be with the ring, speakers and camera. She thought she would only have a photoshoot… but it turned out a little more meaningful and life-changing.

David contacted me with his plans of proposing to his sweetheart at Metropolitan Ervin Szabó Library only a few days before the act.

We arrived an hour earlier, just in case, prepared everything and waited for her.

This was the book about their memories so far which she was supposed to find on a table.

The background music was Perfect from Ed Sheeran.


8+1 Tips To Rock Your Snow Session

8+1 Tips To Rock Your Snow Session

Whenever the first snow falls I get excited. Everything is white, so simple yet elegant. Suddenly everything is quiter. There’s a strange beauty and romance being out in the cold snow. If you share my quirk read below my tips about how to rock your snow session.


Check the weather online

Try scouting the location thru live webcams if it’s still snowy. Quite a lot is available if you search in Google. Generally speaking, the higher you go, the colder it is, which means more likely that it’s still snowy. If the weather becomes too bad or all the snow melted, it might be better to reschedule.

Pick an accessible location

You might not want to hike too much when it’s very cold. If it’s a popular destination, try to visit on weekdays in the middle of the day when you still have sunlight and less people. On winter days, you can’t really count on the beauty of the sunrise or the sunset, as it’s mostly cloudy.


Have your hair and makeup done

Consider visiting a professional makeup artist before the shoot. It really makes a difference. Timing your hairdresser appointment just before the shoot could also really bring your images to the next level. This applies to guys as well. Have your hair and beard trimmed and styled.


Bring a cozy blanket

You can have a snow picnic. It warms you up and it could also be very romantic if you wrap both of you in it.


Layering is key

Consider wearing long underwear, wool socks, a layering shirt, etc. Think of this a little bit like going for a winter hike or a ski trip but still keeping it a date. Also don’t forget your trusty winter accessories. A good pair of snow boots, gloves a scarf and a hat can save you from catching a cold.


Dress for the occasion

If you have a favorite fashionable coat with matching accessories. Bring them. Avoid big logos, texts, clothes with small patterns. They tend to draw too much attention in the images. Simple, solid colors tend to work best. You might use the occasion to go for a shopping trip before the shoot with your significant other.


Bring hot beverages

Hot cocoa, tea or whatever hot drinks you fancy in your favorite insulated bottle. These will breathe new life into you when you are exposed for an extended amount of time to the harsh cold. Avoid alcoholic beverages. They might make you feel warmer but in reality it can actually be quite dangerous.

Use hand and feetwarmers

You can find these in winter sport shops. They work thru some chemical processes. You just break or shake them to make them warm, and then you can put them into your gloves, boots or pockets. Fortunately, they can be warm for hours.

Have fun!

Seriously, it’s snowing and snow is almost always fun!! Make a snowman, have a snowball fight, or if you’re really adventurous, jump in and make a snow angel!


That’s it! I hope you found it useful. If you want to join the fun and schedule your snow session, shoot me a message.

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